BBC Breakfast/News at our school( Minworth



BBC Breakfast visited our school to interview us about paying 5p for the plastic bags !!!

Everyone was so excited, agitated and desperate to be on TV, even the teachers.

Being known worldwide( well, only in UK )was intimidating but, was thrilling!!! This is the most stirring thing that ever happened to our school in years. I even think Mr Sadler was covetous about students actually talking and being on TV. Everyone was included in the programme, and some children in year six  had a chance to come to school at quarter to six in the morning and be interviewed early in the morning. We also had some free toast, biscuits and milk, which the dinner ladies kindly offered to give us. The producer was very heart warming and congenial to us, which made all of the intimidation and the nervousness in the air rapidly vanish. Some house and vice captains were chosen by our reliable head teacher, Mr Sadler, to hold up cotton bags which had black words about the plastic bags in England. Here are some facts that we learnt today ;

  • Only one to three per cent of plastic bags in the world are recycled. How measly is that!!!!
  • I t takes  thousand years for polyethylene to break down.
  • Each household approximately has forty plastic bags or more.
  • The plastic bags are sent to the ocean, which damages the environment and endangered animals are strangled with them.

Some students were chosen to do creative collages with the plastic bags. It was also on TV – other producers on TV also loved the collages that they made!

Mr Sadler was extremely proud of us, I presumed, and hope he is, anyway. Today was the most prominent, and the first rate day of school. I think everyone enjoyed today, and after school, I think the children will tell their parents ( mums, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins et cetera.)about the day, giggling and guffawing heartily. I hope that this day was a remainder and a memorable day for everyone in Minworth junior and Infant school. I give thanks to the friendly producer, the wonderful man with a funny nickname, who also ‘ made us look good ‘ and the staff, who came to school extremely early with dark circles and limp legs, droopy, to control noisy, irritating children.

Thank you everyone, for making it a memorable, wonderfully jovial day for us, and giving us a chance to be on the television!

People looking at our faces on an electrical screen might feel weird, because we also watched the news on the screen at classes. Bye!!!

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NNC News

When the BBC came to Minworth School!

Today was an exciting day at school because the     BBC came, they came to speak about the bags going up to five p . The reason supper markets  are charging for bags is because  people won’t by as many  and stop trashing the environment. And they also end up in the sea and river. Some children made fish and turtles out of there bags.

Some of the children are leaving early to help give the message .

By charging  5p pear bag people will be encouraged  to reuse their bags and help the

Environment and save creatures and animals

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BBC News

BBC news visited our lovely Minworth school to talk about the charge for plastic bags. Children got to school from 6:00 to 7:00 . We did all sorts of thing like make angels in the bags and make different  shapes. These activities were used to give the message that carrier bags are hurting the environment especially animals that live In the sea.


We drink see water and because the little bits of plastic bags are get in to are drink. They can’t be filtered because these are so tiny.

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When the BBc came to minworth!

Today the BBC were present at our school. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, mainly because we were featured on BBC Breakfast! This morning  millions of people would have tuned in and saw us from minworth school! We were discussing what we thought about the plastic bag charge. We were given a chance to say what we thought about it. John McGuire(the reporter) asked most members of the class about their opinion and they agreed that the idea was superb. School council and house captains came to school at 5:45 the rest of the children that featured on the program came in at 7!  The reason that the BBC were at our school was because they wanted to see what we thought about the fact that from today everybody in England will be charged 5p for a single-use plastic bag. This law has been enforced to encourage the English citizens to use fewer carrier bags; if the numbers are not falling then the environment will begin to pollute further causing the death of living  things and wreck our O-zone layer. The government are expecting great falls by at least 80%, if not further drops.                        

Many animals have already been tragically killed by the extensive usage of plastic bags.. This law has already been enforced in every other part of the UK, England are the last country to bring this law down. EXTENSIVE BAG USE HAS GOT TO STOP WILDLIFE IS COMING TO AN END AND ITS NOT FAIR! This has taken years to even consider! This rule, of course, only applies to shops with over 250 employees. If your are buying fish, chicken, uncovered blades, uncovered flowers then your bag comes free of charge. After we had finished the filming the reporter walked round school, meanwhile he was giving a speech. As he did that we were all in our classrooms watching the news on the whiteboard. It was so weird watching ourselves on the interactive whiteboard. I’m still struck by the fact that we were broadcasted in front of 7million people! Once they left we went out for break and resumed to our normal Monday  m

orning lessons.



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Our time with the BBC

Today, the children in school meet the BBC to talk about the plastic bags for the stores making a 5p extra charge for the plastic bags. Some of the children managed to be on TV!!!! After that, the children had a debate with the BBC man to say if it’s a good idea to keep this payment for plastic bags or it’s not a good idea to keep the 5p extra charge. I personally think it’s a bad idea because if people have enough money to spend on shopping funds and the 5p extra they might not have so they can’t carry their shopping  to their car. On the other hand I think it’s a good Couse because we can upgrade parks and build  more parks or water worlds for kids, however we can also give money to, charity, poor people and schools for children. All the other children such as yr5 was very excited and they all enjoyed it very much and I think they would love to have some event like this again! With these visitors we can have some fun and relaxing time. Also  some people went on TV. The day before, some yr6 pupils joined in with doing plastic bag angels with their head teacher, Mr Sadler, and they loved that a lot so maybe we could do things like paper bag angels again but class wise. Back to today, after 8:00 all children from yr5 and 6 came to the yr6 class room to watch there footage, many of us saw it but some who were at home didn’t see it L . Because we woke up late it feels late already but its very fun and we are doing some activates, in the afternoon and at the moment we don’t know what we’re doing yet but I’m sure it’s going to be fun!


JJ and HH

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Our trip to Prologis Park, Minworth

School Council went on a trip to Prologis Park in Minworth, not far from our school. We went there to see how they build safely and are providing jobs in the community. They are currently paying £6 Million for one building.
They mix soil, lime and cement to make the surface safe to work on. It takes 7 months to build one building, it takes over 4 months to build the floor.
The height of the building is a tall as 4 or more Mr Sadlers (Our Head Teacher).
120 people work on the sight everyday, they have a special smoking area away from the building for safety reasons.
The floor space is as big as 4 football pitches, all of the buildings are the same. They last 50-60 years, but will need maintainance after 25 years.
The lights are on sensors, they use genorators for power and use sunlight to save power. everything gets recycled. The gutters are colossal and prevents water from dropping on peoples heads. There are mini roofs to prevent the glare. Installation keeps them warm and cold out. The cement gets recycled into a machine called a crusher. If there was a fire, water (from the rain water in the gutters)will spray to stop the fire. CCS was formed in 1999.



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The Solar Eclipse

School Council recorded and watched the Solar Eclipse happened in Year 5 .

Mr Cain and Mr Ladkin helped set up a pin hole mirror. The mirror reflected the light from the sun on to the paper and it was an amazing result.

School Council started to record it at 9:15 and it was really small but not tiny. We recorded as the moon passed in front of the sun and moved to the other side.

It was an amazing experience and lots of fun.

photo 1

photo 3


photo 4 photo 6


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World Book Day at Minworth today

As school council is writing this now, we are surrounded by pupils dressed up as book characters. We will be doing many activities related to the books and characters we are dressed as. This is way more fun than being in school uniform and working!!! This day is so exciting and amazing that no one is paying attention at class!!! Thank you for reading and please read our next writing about the handball tournament!!!













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connecting with schools

Right now we’re blogging with other Sutton school councils. There is Walmley Junior & Infants,  Penns Primary, Deanery C of E school and our school, Minworth. Some pupils in our school became school councils by each doing a speech in front of their class and were voted in. After we became school councils we made differences by doing lots of fund raising for the British heart foundation polio charities and much more. Today we learnt with other schools how to stay safe when you are blogging. We learnt that we can’t let out personal information!!!!

PLEASE COMMENT and thank you for reading!!!

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Welcome to the start of something wonderful!


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